Do I need to be a clinician to do this training?

No, you do not have to be a clinician to do this training.

Our training forms a jig-saw of sexual health education.

Sexplained Training can, in some ways, be described as a ‘clinical course for non-clinicians’. We ‘hold our students’ hands’ as we take them on a journey which unravels the complications and mysteries associated with this extensive area of health.

We don’t expect our students to know very much about sexual or reproductive health but we do expect them to want to learn.

If a student already knows about this field, our Units have been described as an excellent refresher, pitched to jog their memory and get their ‘grey cells’ moving again.

By splitting the topics in to ‘bite sized chunks’, we aim to keep our students’ interest and help them grow in a logical way as the subjects unfold.

Additionally, the more effort the students puts in to completing their Workbook, the more they will learn and benefit.


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