Do I HAVE to pay for formal AQA accreditation?

We issue our own Certificates, free of charge, for each Unit and each Module successfully completed.

AQA charges an additional/separate fee of approximately £20 per academic year, per student.

For that fee, a student can undertake as many Units as the want, within that academic year (Sept to July/August) and receive an extra certificate, per Unit, from them.


If you are an overseas organisation and do not want the AQA Certificates as well as the Sexplained Training Certificates, this is fine. We will be delivering the training to the same standard, following the same rules and regulations set out by them, but it will help to keep your overall fees down. This may be appropriate if you are ‘aid funded’ and want to keep your costs down.

We register each student and keep our own records of student achievement, anyway.

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