Feedback from previous training

Contraception day:

“10/10 overall value – covered a lot, covered everything.” “Lots of information to digest.”

“The pace was fast moving, but I most enjoyed the manner in which it was presented. I found the sessions interesting.”

“Although the negative side of contraception wasn’t discussed in detail, deliberately, the detail that was given was more needed and the group dynamics made talking and discussing issues easier.”

“Very educational today. The conversations resulting from the subjects were good.”

“I enjoyed the delivery and enthusiasm of the speaker. At times I found it hard to follow, but if information is missed through speech it can be gained by reading the overhead projections.”

Sexual Health day:

“10/10. Excellent. Extremely well delivered. Interesting overhead projections and visual computer graphics/text.”

“Very good. Thorough. Lots of fun. A lot to take in at once, but interesting to see how disproportionately affected the developing world is, when compared with the west.”

“Concise. Thorough. This was a very good exercise strategy. Today demystified my existing knowledge and was beyond my expectations.”

“Very interesting. Today enabled me to be informed about all different types of STIs, and differentiated bacteria, viruses etc. Very enlightening!”

“Again, very useful. Lots of knowledge gained. Very enjoyable day and I have gained a lot to pass down to students/colleagues/friends.”


Student comments were drawn from various occupations:
Student Liaison Officers (2),
Sexual Health Outreach Workers (2),
Residential Social Worker,
Doctors’ Receptionist,
Peer Educator.

They were of various ages and educational backgrounds.

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