Is the training recognised?

Is the Unit Award Scheme (UAS) approved and recognised?

Yes. The Scheme is fully approved by the UK’s QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency) for recording achievement in all non-qualification contexts. Established in 1984, the Unit Award Scheme is offered by AQA, the largest Unitary awarding body in England and Wales.

It is also included in the National Framework of Awards in Non-Formal Educational Settings, published by the National Youth Agency on behalf of the Network for Accrediting Young People’s Achievement.

Because there is no exam, it cannot offer a formal qualification, but students’ details are recorded.

Each time a Unit is achieved, a Unit Award Statement is issued by AQA. (From May 2015 this has changed to a Certificate.)

This lists all the outcomes that the student has achieved but does not show a level.

A summary certificate called a Letter of Credit is also issued by AQA at the end of the academic year.

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