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Our Units are designed to stand alone or be enjoyed one after the other, to form a Sexplained Module in the study of different topics.

C Units
Sexplained Module in The Study of Contraception

S Units
Sexplained Module in The Study of Sexually Acquired Infections


H Units – Sexplained Module in The Study of HIV

Unit H1 – Introduction to rapid testing for HIV

Unit XX1 – Introduction to Contraception and Sexual History Taking

(These Units ‘stand alone’ but more will be added to form a Module in The Study of HIV)


SW Units – for Sexual Healthcare Support Work and others, just interested in these topics.

Units under development:

Integrated Module in Contraception and Sexual Health Awareness:
• Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology and how infection occurs (detailed summary)
• Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV (detailed summary)
• Condoms, Safer Sex and Infection Control

NOTE: We can develop bespoke accredited Units to Introduction Level, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 if there is a topic of particular interest to an employer/organisation and you are interested in working with us to do so to support your system of staff development.