Theory Units – Contraception / Family Planning / Birth Control / Pregnancy Prevention / Fertility Awareness

This section gives information about the Contraception Theory Units which can either ‘stand alone’ as a single component of interest or combine together to cover a complete range of Contraception Theory, broken in to comfortable and interesting ‘bite sized chunks’ of learning.

They cover each element in depth, so that the learner can feel comfortable discussing each element. They also help the learner understand what they do but also what they don’t know enough about when confronted with various situations, when it is safe to answer someone’s questions and when it is wise to refer them to an experienced and well qualified healthcare professional.

These Units are suitable for people from a wide range of backgrounds – which include but are not limited to nurses, youth workers, teachers, social workers, and carers in a wide range of settings.

Basically – if you are interested in learning about these topics – they are suitable for you.

For Nurses, we cannot give you a formal qualification in the same way as a university course. However, we cover the same if not more in-depth theory which forms a solid foundation if you choose to take that route afterwards.

Or the Level 3 Units can be used towards your CPD portfolio (portfolio of learning evidence for your continuing professional development), at Level 6.

The Units can be used for APL (accreditation for prior learning) for your portfolio of learning evidence if you choose to apply for formal academic recognition of this, later on, and reduce elements that may be required in other related courses.

Some very supportive university lecturers know about our training and are thrilled that we are offering this solid foundation – in particular the University of Greenwich – where the lecturers would look at these Units sympathetically for APL.

Helen used to be an ‘assessor’ for the Uni of Greenwich/RCN Distance Learning Sexual Health Skills Course and their ‘top up’ BSc in Sexual Health is a prime example of a degree programme that this Module (all 4 Units) could be used towards for APL. Each student’s prior learning is assessed by the course leads, there, individually.

We are not linked to the University of Greenwich in any formal way.

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