Why is Sexplained Training necessary?

Although there are now many companies and organisations offering training in sexual health topics, this is a rapidly changing field of medicine and we believe that by offering training by practitioners involved in the day to day clinical aspects of this field, we provide our students with more, through our extensive ‘hands on’ experience.

As more and varied people are expected to divulge information about contraception, sexual and reproductive health during the course of their work in a wide variety of settings, many people feel unprepared to give this information comfortably and competently.

We have developed this series of Units to cover a wide range of interesting topics, which can be studied in ‘bite sized chunks’ and without the pressure of having to take an academic exam or produce an academic essay. Our students can learn in comfort, without such pressure.

If they are then enthused to take their study further, we are negotiating ways to help them do so, academically, using what they have learned so far as a firm foundation towards extended academic learning. However, this is not compulsory and is unlikely to become so, from our perspective.

We are prepared to negotiate external training packages if an organisation is interested in working in partnership with us overseas.

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