Valentine’s day may be over, but…

As Valentine’s Day is over for another year, those of us who have worked in the field of contraception and sexual health for some time will, no doubt, be anticipating a spike in requests for emergency contraception, and sexual health screens (following unprotected casual encounters).

And, this will be followed, in a few weeks, by a rise in the number of requests for pregnancy tests… referral for termination of pregnancy or ante-natal care.

It happens every year, so this year is unlikely to be any different.

It’s sad because it’s so easily preventable and if the same people had read Sexplained Books ahead of time, they could be saving themselves a lot of distress in the next few days and weeks… let alone time off work, stress and anxiety.

Maybe they may prepare for next year in good time, and get ahead of the crowd for the next known times of spike.

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